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About us

Our Vision and Mission        

Colors for research is an official private research center. It supports academic researches, training and workshops for a wide variety of applications. The Center strives to advance through its new vision and new competitive performance. We believe that Colors for research will be the middle-east leader in the development of the Egyptian Research Sector. From this vision, the mission was derived.      

Our mission is to:             

  • Provide reliable, effective services to our customers for the benefit of their research studies.          
  • Educate current and future customers and keep them updated with the latest technology.             
  • Develop and improve laboratory technology and services through applying for ISO accreditation.             
  • Maintain status as leader and role model in the research laboratory sector by the delivery of high quality results.               

To accomplish this mission, Colors for research lab will foster  a workplace environment in which our motto will be working with:             

  • Integrity             
  • Motivation            
  • Collaboration             
  • Professionalism            

We Promise To .....             

  • Provide the right service and the max support, at the right time.             
  • Understand and achieve our customers needs.             
  • Develop new and innovative services.             
  • Treat our customers fairly and ethically.             
  • Keep our promises.